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Feral cats are not likely to purr or respond to human touch without a measure of patience, some quality cat food or once carefully inside a live trap. They generally live a cruel life from a human perspective, are often diseased and always seemingly hungry.

Those with experience know food provides an opportunity to bring hope to the cats and to those of us who are troubled with their current existence.

Of course it’s going to take more than just sightings, compassion and love for this usually human friendly species.

Live traps, complete with some tasty trickery and money may be the largest challenges. Local cat lovers have rallied before and in other nearby communities with strong support and success.

Following word of a possible feral cat issue at the Southampton landfill, a Saugeen Shores group, in association with out of Owen Sound, was inspired to mobilize, raising funds, writing articles, distributing flyers, and asking for donations of food, funds and volunteers.

However efforts reached a snag Wednesday when the Town’s Deputy Clerk, Tracey Edwards, responding to our inquires about the group’s concern, released a statement saying that there are “very few, if any, feral cats at the Saugeen Shores landfill.”

“I have spoken to Town staff who work at the landfill, and also our Animal Control Officer,” said Edwards.

We reached Sue Exell, who had been heading up local efforts for comment, and she wanted to assure donors who had given locally, that their money will be put to good use with the Owen Sound cat rescue organization and that talks with the Town are ongoing should concerns arise. She said she approached one resident who had provided a large donation and offered a full refund but the resident wished for her donation to be forwarded to the Owen Sound rescue group.

A fundraiser planned at Pet Valu November 25 has been cancelled.

As with any story about animals in distress there remains hope that the community will rise to the challenge. When Sue Exell heard about the local issue she did just this. Thankfully we can conclude, for now at least, a happy ending to this local story as there doesn’t seem to be a feral cat issue at the Southampton landfill. The local organization is more knowledgeable today and ready to pounce on any validated cat rescue needs.


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