More readers weigh in on the waterfront revitalization project ahead of the December 16 Committee of Whole.


December 16, 2019

Editor & Council,

I could write for hours about my thoughts on what is being proposed for our beautiful beachfront in Port Elgin.

I am simply going to say, take your time, listen to all sides and opinions, hear other ideas, fully consider a 50 year lease, look at anything that is taller than one story, look at anything that blocks the beautiful view of our lake and sunsets, and really consider the need for a convention centre.

The beachfront definitely needs some revitalization but not a fast tracked, unfriendly view blocking, beach sand stealing, black asphalt laying unwanted project.

Please think and reconsider some other options.

It's a beach, the people's beach, both residents and tourists.

Harry Schnurr,
A local tax payer, future full time resident (maybe), full time summer resident


December 16, 2019


I am opposed to the construction of a conference centre on the main beach in Port Elgin.

There is no need to locate such a building at the beach. Our beach is a gathering place for locals and tourists to enjoy the natural surroundings when they are not working and should be a place where no large buildings are constructed. A diner, ice cream parlour, fun activities for families are what I envision as beach businesses.

The proposed structures are too large and out of scale for a beach of our size and I do not believe a 'banquet hall' would serve the needs of the community. This is for profit, not our community.

The structures of this size are too close to the beach, diminishing the esthetic nature of the area and surrounding residences and businesses and would ruin rather than enhance our small beach area.

The project is being called a restoration. A restoration of what? Years ago the facility near the beach was not of this magnitude.

The Town should not rush this process and should look at additional avenues of beach development and usage. I urge council to act in the best interests of the residents of Saugeen Shores.

Please do not agree to create something that does not belong there.

Respectfully, Wanda Dzierzanowski


December 16, 2019

Editor & Saugeen Shores Council,

As per previous emails, letters to the editor, and comments in front of council I have simply asked for facts related to key 'Village' concept issues so that all residents can make informed decisions as to whether they support the plan or not.

How effectively does the proposed development address the following concerns during the busy summer months?

Will there be enough space for all to enjoy the waterfront: permanent residents, seasonal residents, and visitors?

Will there be sufficient parking and access to the waterfront: for all residents and visitors?

I have reviewed all documents made available this past week and do not feel that these concerns have been addressed.

The beach area was much larger in the mid to late 1950s, an era referenced in relation to this project, and the town's population was much smaller. Today's situation is drastically different in terms of demand and supply.

Due to water levels and erosion, the beach area and towel space is also smaller than it was in 2014 when the Waterfront Mater Plan (WMP) was created. This is a beach community. Towel space must be the number one concern in any beach revitalization.

The town is growing, tourism dollars are being spent to bring more people to the beach, more and more people from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) are discovering this area as a summer vacation destination.

Paul Lewko


December 13, 2019

Editor, Luke and elected Council,

I plan to attend the meeting on December 16 and feel it necessary once again to voice my opinion on the plans to revitalize the beach.

Being a 'beach driven' community, the need to commercialize and reduce actual beach space for locals and visitors alike is beyond clear to me.

I absolutely agree that Saugeen Shores needs some new and improved facilities but strongly feel they should be uptown. And I don't understand why this is not being addressed. Are investors open to building retail, conference centres, ice rinks uptown? Has this been discussed?

Has there been any feasibility studies done to show the interest in companies coming here to host/hold a conference? What do these numbers look like? You can't just build it and they will come. And doesn't it make more sense to be uptown where all the restaurants, shops, hotel accommodations and services are? Doesn't it make more sense to build uptown where the entire community is supported and benefits.

My personal feeling is that town looks way more 'shabby' than the beach. Clean up uptown. I'm not sure why everyone keeps overlooking the horrendous eye sore of our old high school. An example of very bad decision making on behalf our elected representatives. What a perfect space to redevelop as a conference centre, hotel, ice rink and gathering centre for our town and visitors. Beautiful beaches such as ours will always attract visitors. Shabby run down towns with no appeal, no true vision for growth and improvement will deter potential businesses and residents and Shoppers.

I am on side with a neat clean up of the beach but we don't need retail, Sunset Towers to see the sunset. Except for the wind turbine, our beach view is incredible. 

The town is divided and decisions need to me made. Can we be heard? Can we have a voice? Can there be a compromise? A nice restaurant with a patio, bring back the train and revamp the train station and washroom/shower facilities.

Do we really want to be a Sauble Beach? What's our brand/core message to our community and to the world?

I for one, with heart, am asking for this to truly be revisited.

Time for a rethink. What's the core issue here? What's the underlying core concerns/issue? What else is possible? When we're open to opportunities and solution based-thinking we ultimately find creative win-win possibilities/solutions for growth, development and expansion.

Time for a win-win.

Don't disappoint.

With thanks,
Cheryl Pauchuk