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The following letter was sent to officials with Bruce County, the Town of Saugeen Shores and Bruce County Museum. A response from Saugeen Shores Mayor Luke Charbonneau is below.


We the undersigned, recently read that the Bruce County Museum, via Bruce County, has purchased the historical Anglican manse adjacent museum property using funds from Bruce Krug’s bequest to the Archives. Furthermore that you may demolish the historical house with no secure plans for this important property.

That you used funds from our cousin Bruce Krug’s bequest for this purchase causes us concern. It appears that the bequest has been used as if it were part of the museum's and/or county's general funds, something that is, in our view, contrary to the terms of the will.

We are proud of the Krug Archive and cognizant of Bruce’s responsible financial gift that as we understand it was meant to secure its future well-being and that of the existing Archive building.

Museums depend in part on gifts and bequests and we believe the Bruce County Museum is at risk of losing good will if it is found that the execution of this bequest is not respectful of the donor’s wishes.

Susan Filshie, on behalf of Flora Spencer, William Macdonald, Meredith Filshie, direct descendants of the original Chesley Krugs

In an emailed statement to Saugeen Shores Hub, Saugeen Shores Mayor Luke Charbonneau said, "I am looking forward to a hearing, of Bruce County’s application to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, for a resolution in this matter. I will have no further comment until that legal process has concluded." A hearing is scheduled for June 20 in Walkerton.