election 2022


Bud Halpin

I am standing for a seat on Saugeen Shores Council in the October election.

During my 22 year teaching career in Port Elgin, I had many opportunities to work with the Town of Saugeen Shores and several community groups. My students contributed to the community by working cooperatively on our beaches, parks, and recreational areas. I am seeking a seat on council, so that I can continue to serve the community of Saugeen Shores.

As Saugeen Shores rapidly expands, it is in all our best interest to also protect and enhance the beaches, trails, rivers and forests that draws us all to live here. I have a balanced platform that provides growth and preserves our uniquely beautiful Town.

Environmental Plank One:

I propose five simple and achievable environmental actions that will make a significant and lasting impact.

1. Start planting new maple trees in Port Elgin Ward now!

2. Parks and green spaces need to include areas of native trees, grasses, and flowers to great natural spaces, not just lawns.

3. No mow May, in limited areas of applicable Town parks.

4. Promote soft shores and dynamic shores to protect the shoreline, add vegetation to our stone / rip rap shores

5. Expand what the Town does well; like the annual tree sale and the butterfly gardens to mention a couple.

Environment Plank Two:

Make a Linear Park from Gobles Grove to McNabb Street.

The Shipley Trail, the Biener Tract, and Woodland Trail are a natural and recreational treasure. The trails, ponds, streams, and forests are loved and enjoyed by residents and visitors. It is also a significant wildlife corridor and stop for migrating birds and butterflies. It has classifications including "tract," "hazard land" "wooded area" and even "proposed development." It should be classified as a park and it needs to be permanently protected for us to enjoy and pass on to the next generation. It's in all our best interest to preserve and protect our trail and wooded areas.

Environmental Plank Three:

Follow the environmental expectations of the Official Plan of the Town.

Most of the things that the Adhoc Environmental Committee recommended are already in the Town's Official Plan. We don't need more committees and reports, we need to enforce the existing Plan.

The natural beauty of Saugeen Shores draws new residents and tourists alike. We can have growth, but we must protect, and grow the parks, trails, and natural spaces.

Affordable and Attainable Housing:

Saugeen Shores has a housing crisis. The Bruce County Housing waiting list increased 30% last year. Young people leave because they can't afford to rent a home here let alone own a home here. The truth is that no one is coming to rescue us from this crisis. Any solution is going to be a community solution.

I propose a partnership with Habitat for Humanity to build 100 affordable townhomes/condos in Saugeen Shores in the next four year council term. We need aesthetically pleasing multilevel three bedroom homes, energy efficient, with lifetime exteriors, and a garage. The Town has about eight hectares beside the YMCA day care. There is plenty of room in that parcel for 100 affordable homes, a nice park to offset the high density, and more room for future affordable housing.

Habitat for Humanity Grey Bruce is a willing and experienced partner for this proposal. They have built condos in Hanover and homes all over Grey Bruce. This project is self funded and there is no structural deficit. The mortgages are geared to income. It is a win-win solution.

My Experience:

I believe that I have excellent experience to serve as a member of Saugeen Shores Council. I have one term as Councillor in Chesley. My portfolio was public works. The most important thing that I did was being the lead councillor in making the rail trail system in Chesley. I have one term as Chesley’s representative of the Arran Elderslie PUC (Public Utilities Commission).

Before I was a teacher, I ran my own small contracting business for over 10 years. I also owned and operated two cottage parks in Port Elgin for a total of 11 years. I have firsthand experience in the tourist industry, and in small business, which are important components of the Saugeen Shores economy.

I believe that my ideas, innovations, and desire to serve will benefit the community. Email me at

I would appreciate your support.

The above was provided to Saugeen Shores Hub by Bud Halpin.