election 2022


Mini Jacques

Why am I running?
My life has always been about service to others both working both as an individual and collaborating with community members to help others and my community at the same time. I've spoken to and been contacted by many people and they've encouraged me continue as Councillor for the Port Elgin Ward. People from not only Port Elgin, but Southampton and Saugeen Township, they believe the right choice for Council and for this growing community. I did not take the decision to run again lightly. It is a huge commitment but I do have the time, I have the energy and most importantly, the relevant professional and community experience.

Municipal Committees:
I have been on six municipal committees and have a vast knowledge of how they and the municipality operate:
Accessibility Ad-Hoc Committee 2014 to present
Attainable Housing Task Force January 2020 to February 2021
County Road 25 Storm Outlet Committee 2019-2020
Economic Development Committee 2017-2018
Waterfront Master Plan Committee 2011 - 2013
Olympic Torch Relay & Celebration Committee 2009

Local Groups/Committees:
Port Elgin Pumpkinfest 10 years
Chamber of Commerce Port Elgin Promotion Committee 6 years
Port Elgin BIA 6 years
Huron Fringe Birding Festival 3 years
Saugeen Shores Relay For Life (Canadian Cancer Society) 3 years
Chantry Island Chambettes 5 years
Saugeen Community Players and Penny’s Worth Theatre Company, local theatre groups 4 years

Economic Development & Tourism:
Lake Huron Shoreline Tourism Partners – Regional Tourism Committee 10 years
Tourism Coordinator - Port Elgin and Saugeen Shores Chamber of Commerce 6 years
Ontario SuperHost Trainer 1997 to present
Canadian Big Band Celebration 10 years
Co-Creator “Wild For The Arts” Free Art Festival, MacGregor Point Provincial Park w/Friends of MacGregor Point Park 5 years
Marketing/Public Relations Coordinator - MacGregor Point Provincial Park 4 years
International Lighthouse Conference Coordinator, Southampton Marine Heritage Society and Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre 2 years

Relevant Professional Experience:
In these positions I have worked with residents, visitors and business owners for the benefit of our community
Port Elgin and Saugeen Shores Chamber of Commerce 6 years
MacGregor Point Provincial Park 4 years
Amaris & Associates (Local PR & Marketing & Small Business Consulting Firm) 22 years
County of Bruce – Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre 4 years

Why re-elect me?
I am a Councillor who not only talks about a problem or issue, I will continue to ensure that projects, events, masterplans, procedures, and town policy gets created and is acted on to meet your needs and that of our growing community.

I will ensure that your inquiries and questions are answered in a timely fashion.

I am someone who has proven by example through my extensive community and volunteer work that I can help to meet the needs of our residents and businesses. Ensuring your needs are not just met today, but more importantly help to plan for your growing community.

As a Councillor, I want to continue to ensure municipal committee recommendations are put into action and policy.

That residents of all ages and incomes will have someone to represent them at the municipal level.

My time working with Town Staff, Council members, residents on committees and as a member of a community groups and local businesses and preparing to come to Council on behalf of community groups and local businesses has allowed me to see how a Council operates and can adapt, respond and be effective in challenging times for our growing community.

I am familiar with the content of Recreation and Waterfront Master Plans, and I have attended public meetings such as those for Port Elgin’s Waterfront revitalization and for the planned Aquatic and Wellness Centre and so I can hear your feedback in person.

I have been on Council since April, in that short time, I researched and discussed accessibility, recreation, leisure and community projects, diverse housing and commercial development planning, procedures, and policy for our residents and visitors alike.

My Campaign Platform:
I do not have one!
I believe that an elected Town Councillor's platform should come from one’s constituents and shouldn’t be created by a candidate’s personal agenda or needs, interests and especially their wants to further a personal agenda.

I will continue to communicate to Council and staff what my fellow residents are stating in public meetings, and in conversations I’ve had with them, and by listening to committees that have residents on them. They have and will tell me clearly what they need to live, work and play in our community; and have and will continue to say what was, and is important to you.

To contact me or to ask me questions on how I can help you, and/or your business as a Councillor

The above was provided to Saugeen Shores Hub by Diane "Mini" Jacques.