election 2022


Kimberley Inniss Petersen


I'm Kimberley Inniss-Petersen and I am running to represent the Saugeen Ward. In me, you will find an ethical, responsible, and transparent councillor. You will always know where I stand on the issues that affect you and our community. I hope I can count on your support to help me build a better Saugeen Shores today for a better tomorrow.

Originally from Newfoundland, I obtained a BSc before moving to Ontario where I have worked in government, nonprofit and private industries. For over 20 years, I have invested significantly into my professional development, expanded my knowledge, and broadened my experiences. I have post-graduate education in Business, Nonprofit Leadership, and Human Resource Management and hold a leadership designation (CHRL) as a regulated Human Resource Management professional. I am proud to be an ongoing learner who engages in professional development to fine tune skills and knowledge, stays current with industry and business trends, and parlays this knowledge to bottom line results.

Prior to moving to Saugeen Shores, I lived in Sarnia where I was part of the management team for the Sarnia-Lambton Chamber of Commerce. As the Manager of Member Engagement and Strategic Initiatives, I liaised with municipal, provincial, and federal government officials on behalf of the business community in developing focused programs and services that encouraged workforce development and inclusive economic growth.

Just over four years ago, I was recruited to lead the Saugeen Shores Chamber of Commerce (SSCC) as their Executive Director. While leading the SSCC, I shared my business and Human Resource Management expertise by contributing to community focused projects including the Saugeen Shores Attainable Housing Task Force, the Bruce County Economic Recovery Task Force, and Getting to Work Advisory Committee. I helped business owners manage through the changing employment and related legislation landscape, coached them on best practices during the pandemic, helped them develop strategies to pivot their operations, and wrote letters of support for them to get government grants and funding. I worked with Bruce Power to secure over 20,000 face masks so essential businesses could re-open and recycled tens of thousands of dollars in Chamber bucks through local participating businesses to help them remain profitable. I left the Chamber to operate a boutique consulting firm (Kimberley Innis-Petersen, Human Resource Consultant) that specializes in meeting the needs of rural Ontario businesses and grass roots nonprofits. My efforts for the last 10 years are based on my belief that strong businesses are the foundation of a prosperous community.

As your Saugeen Ward Councillor, I will bring my experience, passion and leadership skills and continue efforts in building a prosperous community. Advocating for the needs of our community and working with all levels of government are some of my strongest assets. More importantly, I will listen to my constituents and bring their needs forward to council and get our collective voices heard. I am known for my strong advocacy work, having bold conversations with political leaders, and holding people accountable for their words and actions.

My three main priorities are (not in order of importance):
1. Small business advocacy which includes working with our Bruce County partners towards sustainable transportation, labour market challenges, and attainable housing options.
2. Responsible development and protecting our natural assets, which includes ensuring water, hydro and sewage capacity keeps pace with rapid development and protecting our beaches and other environmentally significant areas.
3. Accountable government which includes eliminating wasteful practices and unnecessary consultant reviews and instead, using local and ‘in house’ expertise and community input to come up with local solutions.

I am passionate about my beautiful community and I am incredibly grateful for the people and opportunities that got me here. Saugeen Shores has captured my heart, and this is where I have chosen to live, invest, and raise my family. I've lived and worked in many places across Canada, but when I hear the waves of Lake Huron, I know I am home. ​ Like you, I am a resident, taxpayer, and voter and I care about the development of Saugeen Shores for today and future generations.

Now it’s my turn to ask for support. If you believe in my capability as a Councillor and you see value in my experience, leadership, and passion to build a better Saugeen Shores for today and the future, please vote Kimberley Inniss-Petersen for Saugeen Ward.

The above was provided to Saugeen Shores Hub by Kimberley Inniss-Petersen.