election 2022


Dave Myette

Hello, my name is Dave Myette and I have been your Saugeen Ward Councillor for the past two terms and am running for this position again in October of 2022.

I see Saugeen Shores continuing to be a destination for new residents, it's vital that the growth be done in an environmentally sustainable manner, with roads, infrastructure, and amenities keeping pace.

I appreciate the significant and important contribution of the agricultural industry in our municipality, and will continue to support diversification in that sector of our economy.

I also support small, medium and large businesses, as each has a significant role to play in our local economy.

I support the tourism sector of our economy, and see opportunity to strengthen that sector to the benefit of all residents of Saugeen Shores.

I am a current supplier of affordable housing, and will place a priority on the further development of affordable housing in our community.

I support creating opportunities for our young people, whereby they can gain the skills required to participate fully and take advantage of job opportunities locally.

At the start of this term of Council, there was no way we could have imagined the impacts of Covid-19 on our world. I am proud of the way that your Mayor, Council, Staff and citizens embraced this challenge, followed the guidelines and continued to support and strenghten our local businesses. I believe we are stronger having come through this together.

I'm looking forward to the next four years where we’ll be able to realize some significant gains in our community. Building on the successful development of the Lamont Sports Park, we’re looking forward to breaking ground on our new aquatics facility, along with a revitalization of the Port Elgin Waterfront.

In my municipal experience over the last two terms I've witnessed first hand the tremendous growth in our municipality. I've also learned much about the role of a municipal councillor. It is my sincere hope that on October 24th you’ll do me the honour of re-electing me so that I can continue to represent your interests on Saugeen Shores Council for the next four years.

My current positions include:

Municipal Councillor Saugeen Ward
Chairman of the Board, United Way of Grey and Bruce
Chairman of the Saugeen Shores Police Service Board
President Lake Huron Fishing Club
Member of the Board, Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority
Manager, Port Elgin Salmon Hatchery
Owner Operator Wildturkey Guest House and Farms
Member, Nuclear Impact Advisory Committee
Member, Community Safety and Wellness Committee
Member, Clean Energy Frontier, Regional Steering Committee

The above was provided to Saugeen Shores Hub by Dave Myette.