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Bruce Grey Child and Family Services (BGCFS) has announced the adoption of their new Strategic Plan.

The Plan aims to guide the organization from 2024 to 2029, was developed in collaboration with LBCG Consulting for Impact Inc. and "outlines a series of strategic priorities designed to address the needs of the community in alignment with the values of our organization," read a May 2 media release from BGCFS.

Acting Board Chair Selyn "Buck" Hicks called the plan ambitious and said it included a collaborative process with stakeholders and communities across the organization's ecosystem.

"The plan sets a vision for the next five years focusing on areas critical to our mission of being dedicated to the well-being and sense of belonging of children and youth through equitable services and in collaboration with our community partners," the release said.

Four key pillars highlighted by BGCFS include prioritizing prevention through support networks and proactive services that aim to be responsive to needs prior to families, children and youth entering the child welfare system.

Being an "agent for change" towards an integrated community support system that connects the region's broader human service providers.

Collaboration with Indigenous partners to allocate resources and support their development of Indigenous controlled programs.

Strengthen a "safe and supportive culture" that prioritizes staff well-being, skill development, and diversity, equity, inclusion and belong throughout the organization.

"The strategic plan reflects a commitment by BGCFS to not only support the immediate challenges facing children and families, but to drive long-term, systemic change in our communities," the release said.

"I'm excited for the future and what BGCFS can accomplish under our new Strategic Plan," said Julie Lipsett, Executive Director. "The plan embodies the input we received from staff, stakeholders and partners and paints a bold vision for the well-being of children and youth in our community," Lipsett added.

For more information, visit BGCFS's About Us page or you can view the Strategic Plan in full at visit