Photo by Connor Olson on Unsplash

Bruce County Council received the county's Active Transportation and Recreational Trails Master Plan at a Transportation and Environmental Services Committee meeting September 21, 2023.

The Plan recommends goals for existing and future active transportation and recreational trails within the County Road rights of way and County Forests.

Through stakeholder consultation and an online survey, a plan was developed that recommends seven goals to improve active transportation and recreational trails in Bruce County. The seven goals are:

• expand the wildnerness trail network
• create trail loops and connections
• improve parking and amenities for trails in county forests and the Bruce County Rail Trail
• review trail crossing and on-road safety
• improve signage on all county trails
• provide trail leadership
• incorporate reconciliation measures to support Indigenous communities and culture

In an October 10, media release, the Active Transportation and Recreational Trails Master Plan aims to provide a framework for improving and building upon the county's existing trail network and identify where new trails should be developed. The future development of trails will be prioritized on the goals and objectives of the Official Plan, Strategic Plan, Plan the Bruce - Guiding Principles, and the Transportation Master Plan.

The Master Plan will be available for public review and comment between October 10 and November 24, 2023 at

Warden Chris Peabody said the investment will help support active lifestyles of residents, improve mental and physical health as well as attract tourism and economic growth in the county.