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ocni job fair

Over 1,000 job seekers took part in the OCNI hosted Nuclear Job Fair October 4 at Saugeen Golf Club.

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Over 1,000 current and future job seekers vying for jobs in the thriving local nuclear industry descended onto Saugeen Golf Club October 4 for the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (ONCI) Nuclear Job Fair which saw 40 vendors from Bruce Power supplier networks, unions and colleges on hand to chat with future prospects.

Alison Fernandes of OCNI said the goal was to showcase career opportunities within the local community that are not just with Bruce Power but with local suppliers as well. "We really wanted to demonstrate the opportunities that are there for all demographics including students, apprenticeships, co-op opportunities, the Indigenous community and all demographics as a whole," she said.

Students from Saugeen District Secondary School (SDSS) were bussed in for information sessions where they learned about apprenticeship programs, resume building and what it takes to work in the local nuclear industry. The sessions were provided by the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP). Interested parties from Saugeen First Nation were bussed in as well.

One of the 40 vendors at the Job Fair was Women in Nuclear (WiN) Canada who handed out CDs detailing information on careers in the industry. Nuclear Operator at Bruce Power Amy Harwood said that WiN was present to “help young women realize the different career options they have and the networking opportunities that are available to them.”

Harwood added that throughout the course of the day she had talked to a number of people who have finished school and are looking for jobs. "I've talked to a number of parents and grandparents who want their kids to get jobs which I love, that's really nice," she said.

She then noted that two hours into the job fair she had seen more women than men. “It’s good to see women interested in these careers," she said.


Job seekers, some with resumes in hand, were waiting patiently for their turn to meet and greet 40 nuclear industry vendors at the Ontario Canadian Nuclear Industry (ONCI) hosted job fair October 4 at Saugeen Golf Club.


Students from Saugeen District Secondary School during an information session were among groups bussed in for the Nuclear Job Fair hosted by the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCNI) one of two groups bussed in for the job fair where they learned about current and future job opportunities within the local nuclear industry.


Manning the Women in Nuclear Canada booth were Jelisa St-Peter (left) and Amy Harwood.

st clair college

Many colleges were at the OCNI hosted Nuclear Job Fair including Windsor's St. Clair College who recently signed a deal with Bruce Power. Over the passed few year approximately ten graduates from the Chemical Laboratory Technology program have started careers with Bruce Power. Pictured are Gayle Dale (left) and Melissa Kivisto.