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Mill Creek Bridge BR17Bruce Road 17 Mill Creek bridge as seen from the creek below. 

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Opportunity continues to knock in Saugeen Shores and Redhawk Construction, a division of Rice Developments, isn’t taking a back seat. On December 21 the Bruce County Highway Committee provided approval for the Mill Creek bridge rehabilitation low tendered bid of $2,208,340 from Bronte Construction of Oakville. Both the County of Bruce, at approximately $1.7 million; and the developer, at just over $.5 million, who agreed it was in their best interest to accept the provision for a cold weather construction will retain the services of BM Ross to design and manage this major infrastructure project expected to take 108 days to completion in June and starting with Bruce County Road 17 being closed on February 12.

The overall status of the Mill Creek bridge superstructure, the deck, was deemed to be in fair condition with the sub-structure concrete stanchions in good repair.

Work will include removal of the metal superstructure and the travelled road portion to be widened and replaced with curb, gutter, sidewalk, streetlights and a new road surface.

Of significance for this Rice Development ‘Westlinks’ project and their desire to contribute financially is the installation of sewer and water services to be carried across Mill Creek and as an integral component of the bridge re-construction project.

Normally Bruce County provides winter maintenance for Bruce Road 17 and Gustavus Street. While the bridge is taken out of service the Saugeen Shores department of Public Works will fulfil this requirement. Once the bridge work is completed the view of the creek and the mill dam ruins will be safely available to all who walk on the new bridge sidewalk.

Mill Creek bridge superstructure damageMill Creek bridge superstructure damage.

Mill Creek dam ruinsThe often photographed Mill Creek dam ruins. 


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