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winter southampton 560The Town of Saugeen Shores reminds residents and visitors to be diligent with snow removal and exercise caution when manoeuvering around high snow banks.

In a January 4 media release, Public Works staff remind residents of parking bylaws which restrict on-street parking between the hours of 2 a.m. and 8 a.m.

In addition to parking restrictions, snow is not to be blown or shovelled onto municipal roadways or sidewalks.

“By having clear access for the plow, we’re able to keep the streets as safe as possible,” said Operations Manager Pete Knechtel.

Resident cooperation is also appreciated in clearing fire hydrants.

“If there is a fire hydrant near your property, it’s always appreciated if residents can assist in keeping hydrants clear of snow,” said Knechtel.

Residents are reminded to clear snow from exhaust vents around their homes. Excessive snow can accumulate around vents, posing a risk to homeowners.

“Snow banks can also pose a safety risk. Building tunnels and sliding near roadways can be very dangerous. We’re asking parents and guardians to be sure kids are safe while playing in the snow,” Knechtel added.


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