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delores sullivan sistersDelores Sullivan, owner of Sisters on Huron on High Street in Southampton.


I have read and heard so many opinions against the minimum raise increase and finally felt a need to give my own opinion.

I have operated a small boutique, Sisters on Huron, for 15 years. Before this time, I supported myself for all of my career on a basic retail salary, for several of those years as a single income person. I was fortunate as most of my employers paid me above what the norm for retail was at the time, though still a modest income.

I agree and support the fact that the minimum wage should be increased. I appreciate that it is to be done incrementally over two years.

I have always tried to treat my employees as fairly as I was treated by others. More importantly, to pay them what they deserve as a result of the excellent work they do for my business.

How is it possible that employers (and some large corporations)‎ sleep at night, growing their successful companies on the backs of loyal and often hard working people and paying them poorly.

Thank you to the Wynne government for this new action... to ensure that all will be treated fairly.

My small operation supports six employees year round as well as myself. In high season we employ more. I am more than happy to pay them what they are worth.

I recently requested that my bookkeeper increase each of my employees salaries to over the new minimum wage. Those employees already well above the new minimum will have their wages increased by the equivalent amount.
I'm hoping more business owners take a positive stand on this increase and award their staff what they so richly deserve.

Delores Sullivan,
Owner/Operator Sisters on Huron Inc.


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