Kyle HornerHub Staff

People of all ages came to see Wild Ontario's Wild Bird Show as they paid a visit to the Port Elgin branch of the Bruce County Public Library on the afternoon of Wednesday, August 12.

Wild Ontario is a live animal, environmental education program based out of the University of Guelph. Admission to the Port Elgin event was free and attendees got to get up close and personal with four raptors, including two falcons, a hawk and an owl.

Program Director, Jenn Bock and Education Coordinator, Kyle Horner introduced the birds and spoke about the special traits of each.

“Birds are the tool and the focus but it's an environmental program, so we teach about all sorts of nature and science. We go all over the province to schools and provincial parks and youth groups and camps,” explained Horner.

“The birds that we have at Wild Ontario actually came to us because they can't survive in the wild,” said Bock. “So these aren't birds who are born to do this job, these are birds who were born in the wild and who had something bad happen to them and one way or another they ended up, whether it's by injury or maybe they were trapped illegally, at the rescue centre and they eventually came to live at wild Ontario.”

After Port Elgin, Horner and Bock were taking the birds and heading to the library in Kincardine.

For more information on Wild Ontario, visit their website.Jenn BockJenn2Crowd