Teddy Bollinger

Teddy Bolinger's mom, Sil Mazzini, shared this picture of her son after no one showed up to his birthday party despite her sending out 32 invitations.

On Tuesday, October 23, news networks across Canada and the United States published a story about a young boy in Arizona who had planned to celebrate his birthday with friends and family at a local pizza shop but, despite his mother sending out 32 invitations to his Kindergarten classmates and their parents, no one showed up.

Local basketball and soccer teams, the Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Rising FC, responded epically inviting 6 year old Teddy Bolinger to parties like he's never seen.

The story reached Southampton's Guy Helwig and he thought Saugeen Shores might also like to help Bolinger celebrate. "I hate when people are let down or feel bad because of what someone else did or didn't do," he said in an email.

"Saugeen Shores and beyond I know is a very kind and giving community," Helwig continued. "We hear so much about super heroes today, so for the small price of a birthday card and a stamp we can make a difference in a 6 year old's life," he said.

"Let's make sure that he knows he's loved and cared about," he added.

"How wonderful it would be for our community, so many miles away, to take note and celebrate a little boy's birthday," said Helwig. "You can become a super hero to a 6 year old and together we can save the day."

If you would like to join Helwig in flooding Bolinger's mail box with birthday cards and well wishes, they can be sent to:

Teddy Bolinger
P.O. Box 18952
Tucson, Arizona