Bee Crocus

There are many colourful crocuses in full bloom, providing bees with fresh pollen.

Hub Staff

After another brief run-in with winter conditions last weekend, it does seem as though Spring is here, maybe to stay.

On a beautifully warm and sunny day Wednesday, April 17, we had a little wander around and took a few snapshots of Mother Nature and just some of the new and returning life in Saugeen Shores.


With lots of new growth this curious rabbit was out looking for a more varied diet than it has had over the winter months.


Buds on the trees are starting to appear as they come out of their winter slumber.

Red Admiral Butterfly

Various butterflies, including this Red Admiral, can be seen fluttering around the area.


A sign that spring is not far away. The robins have been in Saugeen Shores for several weeks.


This frog was out enjoying some warmer temperatures after its winter hibernation.


Coltsfoot, one of the first spring flowers to bloom, is adding a nice touch of colour to some of the local trails.


Fish are active at the Town Pond in Port Elgin. This one emerged to feed on a pellet that had been offered by a visitor to the pond.


The Canada Geese are plentiful again in Saugeen Shores. This one was well hidden as it remained motionless on its nest.