initforalz 560The Alzheimer Society of Grey-Bruce will be holding a three part series on May 9, 16, and 23, at the St. Paul's Anglican Church, 248 High Street, Southampton from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. Presented by Sandra Hong, Public Education Coordinator for The Alzheimer Society of Grey-Bruce, “initforALZ participants will be given the opportunity to learn how we are all connected to people who are trying to find their way with dementia.

This three part series is designed to expand your understanding of dementia and to help people with a diagnosis and their community understand and adapt to brain changes.

Currently in Grey Bruce, The Alzheimer Society is aware of 4,000 people living with dementia. Two thirds of the people in Grey Bruce, however, who are experiencing memory loss or cognitive impairment don’t seek a diagnosis so the true number is 11,000.

Dementia is more than just numbers; it’s your friends and neighbours, people you see every day in your community. It’s the person behind the disease. It’s the care partners who give everything they have and the family and friends whose lives are forever changed.

“We would particularly like to encourage members of the community and people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia as well as their family to take part in this series to help them towards a clearer understanding of the diagnosis and the changes that are occurring,” Hong said.

#initforALZ will offer an opportunity for participants to understand the diagnosis and the change individuals experience as well as how to support and connect with others; and is suited for anyone with an interest in gaining greater knowledge and understanding and those who are willing to attend with awareness that participants will be discussing their experience.

Research shows that well supported and well informed individuals are better able to cope with the challenges of adapting to brain changes and as a result tend to understand and accept the disease to a greater extent. “One significant way we help those who have dementia and their family members is by providing educational programs to the community that give a clearer understanding of the diagnosis and the changes that are occurring as well as the opportunity for individuals to learn strategies and share with others,” Hong said.

The series is free of charge but registration with The Alzheimer Society is recommended, in order to prepare materials for the number attending.

For information on #initforALZ and to register please contact The Alzheimer Society office at 519-376-7230 or 1-800-265-9013 or email