Lakeshore 3 fullStanding stronger and taller, Julie Stark, (left) Karen Bursey, and Trisha Campbell at Lakeshore Recreation April 12. - Photo submitted

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The fourth annual Lakeshore Lifestyle Challenge came to an end on April 12, and although four winners were named, but everyone came out a loser.

Lakeshore members joined the 13 week challenge to meet a certain goal, whether it was to lose inches, lose weight, decrease stress or feel healthier overall.

The Challenge was about a whole lifestyle transformation - one that included changes in eating habits, fitness and activity levels, daily routines and education.

Trisha Campbell was the winner losing 13.5 inches, the most overall, winning $250. For the past three years Trisha has entered the Challenge, but this year was different. With a retirement date of April 27, her motivation level was high. She wanted to make sure that she would be able to do everything and anything she wanted to physically. Trisha is healthy, but if she does start to have health concerns she wanted to be strong enough to fight whatever was thrown her way. Trisha focused on healthy eating and was in the gym five to six days a week.

Second place went to Julie Stark, losing 9.5 inches and in third place was Alana Bonnett who lost 8 inches.

Although the participants stepped on a scale at the very beginning and end of the Challenge, weight was not the primary focus, as numbers on a scale aren’t always an accurate indicator of positive change. Challenge Organizer, and Lakeshore Fitness Director, Karen Fehr found that taking body part measurements and pictures were a more effective means of representing changes happening in their bodies.

Fehr said that the Challenge also recognizes an individual who may not have lost as many inches as some others, but really made a concerted effort in changing their lifestyle, and that honour went to Karen Bursey.

Bursey had a back injury when she started back at the gym and her primary focus was working on strengthening her whole body so she could eventually run again. The adage, 'slow and steady wins the race' definitely applies here. Karen worked hard over the months and made tremendous progress. She even made her change in eating habits a family affair and having them on board made a big difference. Karen encouraged her husband to join the gym as well.

Fehr noted that family support is always beneficial when working towards a goal that will affect everyone.

Healthy choices had a big impact. Although everyone in the challenge increased their activity level, it was the change in the way in which they ate that made the biggest difference.

For the Challenge, Lakeshore’s personal trainers offered advice and a number of participants had a trainer so they could learn the best way to exercise for each of their particular goals. Kathryn Forsyth, a registered dietitian, provided valuable advice during her grocery tours, through which she gave participants advice on food myths and how particular food affects bodies.

Just like every other year the Lakeshore Lifestyle Challenge emphasized an approach that was realistic. One that wasn't drastic, but occurred by taking small steps that would eventually turn into habits.

Fehr said that the key to success is to make it part of your routine, one that is sustainable.

Winners fullJulie Stark (left) and Karen Bursey kicked-butt in the fourth annual Lakeshore Lifestyle Challenge - Photo submitted

Trisha fullLakeshore Lifestyle Challenge winner Trisha Campbell lost 13.5 inches, winning $250 - Photo submitted