image001In 1975, Dr. Gifford-Jones started writing a newspaper column as a hobby for the Toronto Globe and Mail and seven other newspapers. He expected to write the column for a year or two. Now 40 years later, The Doctor Game can still be read weekly in any number of daily papers across Canada.

How does such a busy, professional, well-travelled doctor and writer continue to extol great advice at over 90 years of age? By leading a healthful, intentional life and by applying his knowledge and common sense approach – gained from years of research – to his own daily routines. Journey with Dr. Gifford-Jones as he discusses in a frank and meaningful manner the dos and don’ts of reaching the age of wisdom.

In his latest book 90+ How I Got There, Gifford-Jones shares his experience from interviewing outstanding medical authorities and challenging medical issues, some of which are exceedingly controversial. Among his great advice, he writes of the many unsung benefits of high doses of vitamin C and lysine and how it has helped to keep him healthy following his heart attack 16 years ago, and how it and other tips can help you, too, reach 90 plus.

Dr. Gifford-Jones will be speaking at The Plex in Port Elgin on September 30.

If you are interested in a copy of this book or would like to speak with Dr. Gifford-Jones please contact Shelley Armstrong at 905-690-7680 or e-mail