Elgin St View

A rendering of the Elgin Street view of The Wismer House's new craft brewery. Construction is expected to begin in September. The brewery's name and branding is in the final stages of approval and is expected to be released soon.

Planning and preparations for Port Elgin’s new brewery have been proceeding all summer and owners are ready to move forward, with construction expected to begin in September, according to an August 29 media release from The Wismer House.

“We are incredibly excited about the progress we’ve made on plans for the brewery, as well as the rooftop patio that will be incorporated above the new addition,” said owner Jeff Carver. “It’s been a busy summer, and now that the fall is coming, we’re looking forward to breaking ground and taking the next big steps.”

With the addition of the brewery building taking up a few tables' worth of real estate on The Wismer House's current patio, the decision to add rooftop seating and an outdoor bar was seen as "vital," increasing outdoor seating and providing an opportunity for patrons to try the new craft beer varieties.

The brewery name has been chosen and the branding is in the final stages of approval with an official announcement expected soon.

“We’re working on recipes for beer varieties now and will be releasing more details over the next couple of months,” added Carver. “It’s a very exciting time for all of us at The Wismer House, and for Port Elgin. Stay tuned, craft beer fans.”

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Elgin Goderich corner view

Due to the new craft brewery taking up some of the current patio space, The Wismer House plans to add rooftop seating and an outdoor bar.