Ribbon CuttingHub Staff

The morning of Saturday, August 1st saw the grand opening of the new home for Bruce County Custom Cabinets, K Interiors and Dennison Homes on MacKenzie Road, opposite The Plex in Port Elgin. Larry Lange, Kaitlyn Shular and Steve Dennison are the co-owners of Bruce County Custom Cabinets, while Shular is sole owner of K Interiors and Dennison is the sole owner of Dennison Homes.

Mayor Mike Smith officiated the ribbon cutting at 11am. “It's really a statement of the confidence they have in our community. It's nice to see. They've got a really good site here. It's good for the town,” said Smith.

Larry Lange said that the new building is about 5,000 square feet, larger than their previous 3,000 square foot rental at Southampton Market. “It's a much better space,” said Lange. “The other was the old furniture factory so there was a lot of posts everywhere and they had fairly decent ceilings but here we now have 17 foot ceilings and all wide open space.”

Lange explained that he and Shular were working for Dennison and sharing a space with a cabinet maker behind the Southampton Market when they started making all their own cabinets for Dennison Homes. They decided to expand the cabinet side of the business and the three of them came up with the idea of forming a separate stand-alone cabinet company. “We want to reach a wider a range of people, including ... other builders,” he said.

“Where we thought we could be unique, is combine the three areas. So somebody can come to us and they have a professional designer, they have a custom home builder and they have a cabinet company,” said Lange. “Most people who are redoing cabinetry are taking out walls, replacing floors, doing electrical, plumbing and with some cabinet companies you have to go find those sub trades. With this they can come to us and it's one company you are dealing with.”

Many attended the opening and were there to wish the three co-owners well and to check out the new showroom and spacious work area. Wine, beer, snacks and barbecued burgers were also on offer for those present.BryanShowroomShowroom2Workshop