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Good weather was enjoyed by many as they floated down the Saugeen River for the annual River Run, May 20.

Hub Staff

The long standing yet unofficial May 2-4 tradition continued this weekend with the annual River Run on the Saugeen River.

The water saw plenty of action on a cool but sunny Sunday, May 20, with many participants launching their watercraft at the County Road 40 access point.

Makeshift rafts of varying shapes and sizes as well as canoes and kayaks, and even an inflatable pink flamingo could be seen floating down the Saugeen with friends and family taking part in the festivities.


Dozens of boats were launched at the County Road 40 access point for the annual River Run, May 20.


Adding a little colour to their vessel were, from left, Sarah Catto, Meagan Fowler, Taylea Thede, and Abby Jackson. 

Pink Pearl

The crew of the Pink Pearl were getting ready to launch their vessel for a relaxing day on the Saugeen River, May 20.

Saugeen Shores Police

Saugeen Shores Police were on site making sure that participants were being respectful, responsible and had life jackets available on the vessel.


Stopping for a quick photo, this group of Saugeen Shores locals were ready to launch their vessel and relax on the water.

Brace for Impact

A slight navigational error led to lots of laughter from the crew of this raft as they braced for impact while passing under the bridge on County Road 40.

Picnic Table

This group was having fun paddling down the river on a floating picnic table.


What better way to float down the river but with a hammock or two.