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Port Elgin native and Jazz vocalist Rebecca Binnendyk’s listeners had been telling her for some time that they wanted to ‘take her home.’ Her answer? To record and release her first full length studio album. “I also wanted to record some Jazz/Pop originals since I had only recorded standards in the past,” said the singer in an email to The Hub. “It was the obvious next step for my career if I wanted to go any further as well. I couldn’t do the festivals etc. if I didn’t have an album under my belt.”

Binnendyk grew up in Port Elgin, starting singing as a child and has been performing since she was 7 years of age. From the award-winning Children’s Festival Chorus to singing in an adult A Cappella choir, she remembers always having a love for the stage and took advantage of every opportunity to perform.

Binnendyk’s album, Some Fun out of Life, got its start in September 2014 with the help of an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign that was “a catalyst for further development, writing collaboration and developing other concepts.”

“The album was recorded in studio at The Drive Shed with John ‘Beetle’ Bailey as producer in April-May and production took place in June.” Binnendyk added, “It’s hot off the press!”

Some Fun out of Life is categorized as Jazz/Pop with songs from Phil Collins, Joni Mitchell, Bon Jovi, Cole Porter and Corinne Bailey Rae making it a “dynamic album” to listen to.

Of the 12 songs in total, three are original. Among those, two were written by Binnendyk herself. “All of the arrangements are original,” adds Binnendyk.

“I have stories and memories for all the tracks. I love our arrangement of ‘Put Your Records On’ and it was really fun to record. I also love ‘Smile’ because it’s a classic. It was all improvised in studio. No arrangement. No plan. Just playing. And it turned into a piece of art, I like to say. ‘Some Fun out of Life’ is really fun, just like I wanted it to be. ‘Sky Won’t Fall’ is a great new tune with a positive message and ‘Stars’ is special because it’s the first song I wrote.”

Binnendyk will continue to promote her album online as well as through various local venues while she pursues performing opportunities “locally and beyond.”

“I’ll be singing with the Canadian Big Band in September, A Capella Choir in October, and perhaps at the Avalon Jazz Club in Owen Sound this fall.” Binnendyk has additional shows in Toronto, Waterloo and Scarborough including a performance with Sultans of String and their orchestra on December 12; and is currently pursuing opportunities in Europe. “I hope to perform at various Jazz festivals throughout 2016.”

“The whole process was fun and overall, amazing,” says Binnendyk. “Can’t wait to see where it all goes from here.”
Neither can we, Rebecca.

Check out Binnendyk’s album HERE.smilebandband2shades