Cyclist Robert Starrs (left) and Brett Martin, organizer of the third annual War on the Shore, promoted the upcoming cycling event at Pioneer Park in Southampton, one of the locations from which to watch the criterium race on the third and final day of the eighth annual Marine Heritage festival, July 29.

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Short laps and fast speeds are on the menu for the third annual War on the Shore criterium race in Southampton July 29. The cycling event has something for all ages with a free two lap kids’ race down Millard Boulevard on High Street to a 45 minutes plus 5 lap race starting at the intersection of Thompson Lane and Huron Street looping around Huron to Front Street near the shoreline of Lake Huron.

Cyclist Robert Starrs, age 19 of Southampton, placed in the top 10 of last year’s Open Mens event which is geared towards at least M1 to E3 level riders. Starrs said the event is a lot of fun and competitive. “It’s really fast paced, lots of corners, short laps and you go by time and whomever crosses the finish line first wins,” he said.

Starrs was modest with his top ten finish, “I did all right,” he said. “I crashed out but got back in the race.” He later added that the criterium race is action packed.

“You can see most of the race because it’s so short...the riders go by really fast,” he said.

Organized to coincide with the eighth annual Marine Heritage Festival held in Southampton, organizer Brett Martin, owner of Martin’s Bicycle Shop, said there will be bike rentals for anyone interested in participating in the variety of races that War on The Shore has to offer. Races include a five lap '94.5 Classic Rock' Cruiser Rally, a 10 lap Beginner Men/Women, the Sportif Men/Women, and the Men’s and Women’s Open Class.

Tickets for a one-of-a-kind custom beach cruiser will also be available with ticket sales going towards cycling initiatives at GC Huston Public School in Southampton.

Martin said pre-registration for the event from the previous two previous years. In 2017 there were approximately 130 riders in the War on the Shore.

“The nice thing about the War on the Shore is that it offers something for everybody,” said Martin. “The whole idea is that anybody of any skill level on any bike can participate and the nice thing about a criterium race is it’s similar to a Nascar race. It’s fast, it’s exciting and a closed course for people to watch.”

Martin himself will be participating in the cruiser class race and he wanted parents to know that they can register children aged 5 to 10 for the free kids race on the day of the event.

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Robert Starrs of Southampton will again compete in War on the Shore. In 2017 Starrs had a top 10 finish.