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While some sympathy for notification and approval considerations, I found the stance on retail cannabis applications somewhat obtuse and confusing. The store proposal in Southampton is literally across the road from a brewery and a straight line to the LCBO. There is some inherent hypocrisy in the concerns expressed and seem more to do with personal bias than legitimate issues.

Cannabis is legal, there was a vote to allow stores in our jurisdiction, so this outrage about the library and public events is embarrassing cover. Again, a brewery across the street, intoxicated patrons and that is fine but a place merely selling is the concern?

I support a legit approval process, but frankly the “concerns” raised really seem to be the true inspiration. Cannabis is here to stay, it was here already, this reeks of prudish judgement, it’s about time the area had stores. I fully support both applications and hope for speedy approval.

Steve Valeriote
Southampton resident

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