splashpad fullDear Editor,

The Splash Pad Committee is made up of 12 local women who want nothing more than to enrich the beautiful community in which we live. We have dedicated our time and resources into making this dream a reality.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to this community and all those who have supported us along the way. Thank you to all those who have donated at previous events or expressed their support in other ways.

We have faced many challenges and criticisms throughout this process but our victories and fundraising successes have proven we are more than capable of bringing a Splash Pad to Saugeen Shores. We remain hopeful that Council will support us in our efforts.

The next event put on by the Splash Pad Committee is coming this summer. We have incredible entertainment coming to Saugeen Shores so circle July 9, 2016 on your calendars! If you’d like to volunteer with the committee at upcoming events, please contact us at lakehuronchildrensfestival@gmail.com.

Again, thank you to this community for embracing our goals and for cheering us on.

Jill Schildroth
on behalf of the Splash Pad Committee
c/o Lake Huron Children’s Festival