election 2022


Rachel Stack

Rachel Stack was born and raised outside of Ottawa, moving to Waterloo to attend university in 2002. After completing her undergraduate degree from the University of Waterloo, Rachel moved to Toronto to work at Queen’s Park, and subsequently earned a master’s degree from the University of Toronto, and a law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School.

In 2012, Rachel moved to Port Elgin on a two-year contract to begin her law career and was able to make the move permanent in 2016. She now lives in Port Elgin with her partner Nick and his children, Hillary (16) and Kayden (13).

Port Elgin has always been a welcoming place to Rachel, and she has built a great network of friends and colleagues over the last 10 years. Having spent time volunteering for youth soccer, and local boards of directors, including a current tenure on the Board of the United Way Bruce Grey, Rachel is eager for the opportunity to join Saugeen Shores Council as Port Elgin Ward Councillor and focus directly on the best interests of Port Elgin and Saugeen Shores.

Rachel’s platform is summarized as follows:

1. Community Engagement

Saugeen Shores is rapidly growing and diversifying. Growth must be welcoming, responsible, and sustainable.

Key Priorities:

Support local business growth by encouraging residents and tourists to spend locally.
E.g. Improve social media campaigns highlighting our local businesses, seek out collaborations with other local communities to encourage tourism in the region.

Ensure all residents, new and existing, feel welcomed.
E.g. Host community multicultural fairs, which are effective at improving overall community engagement.

Responsible development that balances needs of the future with character of the past.
E.g. Ensure infrastructure is built and maintained on pace with growth and new development in the community complies with all applicable laws and is done with appropriate transparency and community consultation.

2. Enhance and Build Recreational Facilities

Saugeen Shores needs new and enhanced recreational facilities to match the growth and demographics of the community.

Key Priorities: Ensure a new pool is built in a timely and responsible fashion and existing recreational facilities are maintained regularly.

3. Improve Accessibility

Reduce barriers to public spaces such as walkways and beaches.

Key Priorities: Regular and seasonal maintenance of walkways and other high use public spaces.

If elected, Rachel will represent all constituent interests vigorously, fairly, and with transparency.

All constituents are invited and encouraged to interact on social media via Facebook or by email at

The above information was provided to Saugeen Shores Hub by Rachel Stack.