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Current Saugeen Shores Ward Councillor Mike Myatt is eager to take on more responsibility and has filed his nomination papers for the position of Vice-Deputy Mayor for the Town of Saugeen Shores.

“Saugeen Shores residents deserve a Vice-Deputy Mayor that will provide a strong voice for all three Wards, and I believe I can provide this voice for Port Elgin, Saugeen Township and Southampton."

When serving as the Town of Saugeen Shores' Director of Community Services from 2001 to 2010, Myatt learned quickly that all three communities offer unique amenities and are quite distinct from another. “It’s Council’s job to recognize the strengths of each ward and to ensure that planning for future development is done in such a way that these unique features are taken into consideration when shaping Saugeen Shores' future," said Myatt.

“Council also needs to ensure that spending levels are kept in check and on pace with new growth assessment to ensure tax increases are kept to a minimum," he said.

“Saugeen Shores was recently ranked as 14th in Canada’s Top 25 Places to Live in Canada in the latest Money Sense poll in addition to ranking sixth on the Ontario list of Best Places to Live and this did not happen by accident," stated Myatt, adding, "We are the envy of many communities with our beaches, trails, and with the recently announced $13 billion refurbishment program at Bruce Power which augurs well for the Town of Saugeen Shores."

“We are the fastest growing community in Bruce County," he said.

“We are blessed with an amazing core of volunteers that represent dozens of minor sport and adult organizations. It’s important to provide updated recreation facilities to these young families and retirees if we are to remain vibrant as a community."

“Over the past four years I have served on Council as Saugeen Township Ward Councillor and I have always been a phone call away from responding to our residents," he said.

Interacting with Saugeen Shores residents is a high priority for Myatt as is transparency and open government. In fact, Councillor Myatt teamed up with Councillor Grace with introducing Open Forum prior to Council meetings where members of the public are invited to speak to Council about any item on the current agenda. “I want to hear of public concerns as I have always believed that public input is the key to Saugeen Shores' success," he said. "While we may not always agree, I want to hear your views."

Myatt also wishes to pass onto Saugeen Shores residents his vision for a collaborative Council:

Our residents deserve a Council that recognizes the importance of local businesses and a Council that strives to support their requests for increased parking, downtown beautification, and changes that makes good planning sense

Our residents deserve a Council that welcomes dialogue as Council needs to hear your voice and I will listen and respond to your concerns

Our residents deserve a Council that understands and supports “quality of life” in Saugeen Shores and this means listening to the needs of older adults in our community, listening to the needs of our young families, listening to those with affordable housing needs, and listening to participants in various sporting and cultural activities

Our residents deserve a Council that is strategic with their thinking and aggressive with their efforts to leverage full benefits from Bruce Power’s most recent significant investments in Saugeen Shores and in the region

If elected, I will continue to lobby the Provincial and Federal Government for increased partnership funding and for capital infrastructure dollars to assist with funding numerous outstanding capital projects in Saugeen Shores as these projects must be affordable to our taxpayers.

Your new Council needs to recognize that rural roads and bridges need not be forgotten.

Above all, our residents deserve a Council that recognizes that Saugeen Shores is the absolute best place to live in all of Ontario, but we must not rest on our laurels; Council needs to continue to ensure that Saugeen Shores remains as a safe and healthy place for all residents.

Myatt and his wife Jean live in Saugeen Shores along with their son Jeff and his wife Katie, and grandchildren Peyton and Colby. Their son Andy and his wife Melanie reside in Binbrook, Ontario.

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