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I am Taun Frosst and I am running for the position of Vice Deputy Mayor, Town of Saugeen Shores.

I have not been on council during the last four years but had the honour of representing Saugeen Township in the previous six years, from 2008 to 2014. During that time, we saw the trail expansion grow at a phenomenal rate, we connected the north side to sewers, opened up the process for a pool, oversaw the creation of the BMX track and skate board park, with both of these well used areas, only coming to fruition with the hard work of volunteers.

I have chaired/sat on committees with some very civic minded and devoted volunteers. Planning, Fire, Parks and Trails, Pool, Accessibility, Airport to name a few.

It is my belief that we need to put some serious focus into saving money wherever possible. I see savings in things like our heavy equipment, to push towards a rebuilding program and not just replacing it with new before its real service life is over.

I believe with the help of our MPP and MP and the neighbouring members, we could help our Fire Service to get certifications on trucks and pumps to go much longer. This would take a great burden off the tax payer, not having to lose perfectly good fire equipment while adding new and extremely expensive replacements; all the while with no money to expand the service to meet the growth of the town.

Speaking of town growth. It is quite evident to all that Saugeen Shores is growing in leaps and bounds. This means our infrastructure must also grow and in many cases (bridges) be replaced. This takes money, and lots of it. I have had a very good relationship with our elected members and neighbouring members. The time has not been better for our town to get the money it is due and start some serious rebuilding, especially on the expensive bridges. We need to work on the movement of traffic through the Port Elgin core, possibly by using a three lane system that is in force heading south in the morning for a couple of hours and alternating to the north for a couple of hours in the afternoon. I would push to give the Highway 21 bridge back to the province where it belongs. If you didn't know, the previous provincial government loaded that burden onto us. That one bridge alone is beyond $10 million to replace, if it were damaged or worn beyond repair, we are all on the hook.

I could go on and on. Mostly though, even without the fixing, I could not think of any place else I would rather live. This is our Saugeen Shores and I'm thrilled to be here in it with you.

Voting opens October 12 to October 22. I hope to get your support, but please do vote, it's your right and privilege.

Thanks for reading this,

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