Vendors FullThe 39th Anuual Port Elgin Antique Show & Sale took place at The Plex this weekend, Friday and Saturday.

A total of 35 vendors displayed a wide variety of antiques and collectibles, which included jewellery, clothing, books, furniture, glassware, pictures, silverware and coins, to name a few.

Organizer, Alice MacLaren said, “Talking to the vendors, they say that they're having a good year here.” She explained that they don't run a Sunday show but give extra hours on Friday evening to accommodate people who can't make the show during the day.

MacLaren approximated there to be around 1,300 visitors to the show over the two days, which was similar to previous years but they had a much higher number on the Friday this year, which was wet and a much cooler day.

The name for the show was chosen 39 years ago and MacLaren was thinking of a possible change for next year's event which would be its 40th year. She wanted to talk to younger people and get their thoughts on the show and its name.

Ideas and promotions to celebrate next years 40th show are already being planned. 

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