Home Hardware Donation

Jeff Gauthier and Sarah Sloan, owners of Port Elgin and Southampton hardware stores, recently gave Southampton Rotary Club's playground fund a $5,000 boost toward new playground equipment for Southampton's GC Huston Public School.

Hub Staff

Southampton Rotary Club and GC Huston Public School saw a $5,000 boost to their playground fund thanks to Home Hardware's Jeff Gauthier and Sarah Sloan. Gauthier and Sloan are owners of the Port Elgin and Southampton hardware stores and said they are happy to be part of such a "great endeavour."

As parents of young children, they appreciate the importance of save, accessible and fun playground equipment and can't believe how quickly the community rallied around such an important project.

The fund now stands at $103,000 and Principal Hugh Morrison said the school is now in a position to start the tender process, adding that the Huston Hawks will be playing on a first class play structure soon.