Anishnaabwe Endaat

The “Anishnaabwe Endaat – Where We Live” exhibit opened in November 2018. Photo by John White

The Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre (BCM&CC) announced Wednesday that they will be offering free admission to all visitors on June 21, 2023, in honour of Indigenous Peoples' Day.

In a June 14 media release from BCM&CC, Indigenous Peoples' Day is a significant occasion that recognizes and celebrates the rich cultures, histories, and contributions of Indigenous peoples across the world. By providing free access, the BCM&CC aims to foster greater understanding, appreciation, and engagement with the Indigenous heritage present in the Bruce County region.

On June 21, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre's captivating displays and exhibits, including the Anishnaabwe Endaat Gallery, which showcases the history, stories and experiences of local Indigenous communities to present day.

Everyone is welcome to visit BCM&CC on June 21 to commemorate Indigenous Peoples' Day. The Museum is open from 10am to 5pm and is located at 33 Victoria Street North in Southampton.