sdss math winners

Grade 7 and 8 winners from SDSS were, from left, Kaelynn O'Brien, Sarah Fehr, Kaden Herrington, Adam Davis, Alex Jacklin, Malcolm Thornton, Mary Galley. Grade 9 and 10 winners were not available for the photo.

Last month, several Saugeen District Senior School (SDSS) students in Grades 7 through 10 accepted the challenge of writing the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC) Beaver Computing Contest (BCC). In a December 5 media release, the BCC is a timed problem-solving contest consisting of a series of questions that focus on computational and logical thinking and introduces students to computer science.

"It was great to see so many participants who put themselves out there to try something new; their effort and enthusiasm were appreciated," read the release.

The following students were the top finishers at SDSS and also placed in the top 25 percent of all contestants writing the test, earning themselves a Certificate of Distinction:

Grade 9 and 10 saw 7451 students complete the contest overall with 10 students writing at SDSS:

1st place - Ibrahim Shad
2nd place - Tied - Jenna Greig and Kathryn McLaren

Grade 7 and 8 saw 10710 students complete the contest overall with 52 students writing at SDSS:

1st place - Mary Galley
2nd place - Tied - Sarah Fehr and Kaden Herrington
3rd place - Kaelynn O'Brien
4th place - Tied - Alex Jacklin and Malcolm Thornton
5th place - Adam Davis

"Congratulations to our top finishers, and to all who completed the contest," the release concluded.