Film plastics launch

Saugeen Shores Councillor Cheryl Grace (left) and Saugeen Shores resident Taylor White kick off the film plastic recycling program at the Southampton landfill.

The Town of Saugeen Shores is pleased to introduce film plastics recycling at two drop-off locations. In a Saugeen Shores media release, the public can now bring plastics like grocery bags, toilet paper roll plastic packaging, and bread bags to the depots. EFS-plastics Inc. in Listowel, Ontario will recycle accepted materials into plastic resin pellets to be used in manufacturing.

“We have heard the need for plastic film recycling in Saugeen Shores,” said Councillor Cheryl Grace. “This program will complement our existing waste diversion initiatives and help reduce the strain on landfills.”

Saugeen Shores resident Taylor White kicked off the film plastics program by depositing plastic bags and paper towel roll packaging into the container at the Southampton landfill. “I think it’s great that the Town has started this program,” said White. “I try to reduce my plastic use as much as possible, but it’s encouraging to know these plastics I do use won’t end up in a landfill.”

Everyone is reminded that the success of the pilot program, which will run until spring 2020, depends on users following the rules on which items can and cannot be placed in the collection bins.

The public can find these big yellow bins at the Southampton Landfill, 126 Concession 14, and the Public Works Garage, 339 Concession 6.

All plastics must be marked with #2 HDPE (high-density polyethylene) or #4 LDPE (low-density polyethylene) symbols and must be clean, dry and empty.

Accepted items are:

• Grocery and retail bags
• Newspaper and flyer bags
• Dry cleaning bags
• Electronic equipment bags
• Food and produce bags
• Bread bags
• Fresh vegetable and produce bags
• Frozen vegetable bags
• Bulk goods bags
• Milk outer bags
• Product packaging and wrap
• Water softener and salt bags (remove rigid plastic handles)
• Toilet paper, napkin and paper towel over wrap
• Diaper and feminine hygiene product outer bags
• Bottled water and soda case over wrap
• Soil, mulch, etc. garden product bags (clean, dry and empty)

Items not accepted are:

• Unclean items with food or dirt residue
• Packaging in contact with meat
• Packaging in contact with dairy
• Biodegradable or compostable plastics
• Crinkly, non-stretch wrap, packaging and bottle seals
• Zipper lock and resealable bags
• Agricultural bale, boat and shrink wrap
• Beverage rings
• Stretch cling wrap
• Chip, cookie, chocolate and snack bar wrappers
• Bubble wrap

film plastics

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