A myriad of trade union groups made their way through downtown Port Elgin as part of the 2019 Labour Day weekend festivities.

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The 2019 Labour Day Parade marched through downtown Port Elgin September 2 in front of spectators who lined both sides Goderich Street. Several trade union groups congregated in coloured masses and proudly wore their union shirts as they walked in the parade. A number of piping and drumming bands belted out marching tunes while parade participants tossed out treats to children who cheered by the curb.


An equestrian team trotted down Goderich Street in the 2019 Labour Day Parade September 2.


Skilled pipers and drummers kept the Labour Day Parade running on time as they marched through downtown Port Elgin, not missing a beat.

UBC Flag

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC) strode down Goderich Street in Port Elgin in the Labour Day Parade September 2.


A uniquely outfitted GMC 4x4 with a rustic timber trim rolled behind the United Brotherhood of Carpenters.


The Sheet Metal Workers and Iron Workers marched together in the 2019 Labour Day Parade in Port Elgin September 2.


The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers traveled in comfort and style as they waved to folks along Goderich Street who had gathered for the Labour Day Parade in Port Elgin.


The Boilermakers made up one of the larger troops in the Port Elgin Labour Day Parade September 2.


An enthusiastic group from the Bruce Shrine Club waved to spectators at the Port Elgin Labour Day Parade.

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