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A 34-foot Montreal canoe, refurbished by Brian Beech, was on display at the 11th annual Historic Saugeen Métis Rendezvous in Pioneer Park, Southampton, August 9. This canoe could carry up to 21 passengers and three tonnes of fur trading goods from Montreal to Thunder Bay.

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A brisk breeze blew off Lake Huron and swept through the 11th annual Historic Saugeen Métis Rendezvous set up at Pioneer Park in Southampton August 9. The wind carried the hopping tunes of Shane Cook and the Woodchippers throughout the park and into the streets of Southampton, drawing visitors down to the festivities. Cook is a National Fiddle Champion in both Canada and the United States. The Woodchippers featured Emily Flack on vocals and piano, Joe Phillips on the bass and Kyle Waymouth on guitar.

Educational exhibits outlined the historic fur trading industry in the area and displays included beaver pelts, traditional fur trader sashes, Wampum belts and a 34-foot, 21-passenger Montreal canoe.

Survival in the Bush, Inc. (SITB) charmed the crowd with a fire starting demonstration by Dan Curley and extensive knowledge of wilderness survival skills from Dr Gino Ferri and Jennifer Ferri. Their crew of instructors have taught at colleges and universities across Ontario as well as provided training for organizations such as the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Space Agency.

Guests were treated to a Lake Huron Whitefish sandwich and children tried their hand at making their own Wampum belts.

Shane Cook

Internationally renowned fiddler, Shane Cook, accompanied by The Woodchippers, dazzled the crowds at the 11th annual Historic Saugeen Métis Rendezvous in Pioneer Park.


Kyle Waymouth of the Woodchippers put down his guitar to treat the audience to an impromptu jig at Pioneer Park August 9 as part of the Historic Saugeen Métis Rendezvous.

Gino Ferri

Dr Gino Ferri, Director of Survival in the Bush, Inc., sews up a leather pouch at his Trading Post erected in Pioneer Park August 9.

Dan Curley

Dan Curley, Instructor at Survival in the Bush, Inc., demonstrated his fire starting skills to bewildered on-lookers, creating flames in moments using minimal tools.


Dr Gino Ferri (in white) explained the functional details of their buffalo hide coats such as the fringes that are used to keep moisture off as well as mask footsteps as they whoosh back and forth.

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Dale Burnside (left) and Juanita Mewhinney pose as fur traders in Pioneer Park, Southampton at the 11th annual Historic Saugeen Métis Rendezvous.

Diane Becker

Diane Becker stood outside the fur trading exhibit and answered questions about beaver pelts, fur bales, high-wine and Wampums.


Children had an opportunity to create their own Wampum belts in Southampton at the Historic Saugeen Métis Rendezvous August 9.

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