SS Police 1 560

On August 9, 2019 a 15 year old male youth attended a house party in Port Elgin where he was invited by a 19 year old acquaintance. Once at the party the man confronted the youth concerning a previous disagreement. The man allegedly pointed an Airsoft sniper rifle and fired it at the youth striking him on the calf causing bruising.

In an August 9 media release, the man is said to have continued threatening the youth by pointing the rifle at him. The youth attempted to leave the residence but was again physically assaulted by the man.

The youth finally broke free and fled to his residence and called police.

Officers arrived at the party a short time later and located the man. He was arrested and transported to the station.

A 19 year old Port Elgin man has been charged with Assault with weapon, Weapons Dangerous and Assault. He was released on a promise to appear in court.

An Airsoft rifle is low-velocity and is primarily used in mock combat with participants wearing appropriate protective gear. A projectile from an Airsoft has the potential to cause bodily harm if proper safety equipment is not utilized.

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