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St Joseph’s School celebrated their Grade 8 graduating class June 25 with a graduation ceremony. Nearly all of them are seen here outside of St Joseph’s Catholic Church.

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Graduates of St Joseph’s School in Port Elgin stood tall and proud as they were handed their diplomas during the school’s Grade 8 Graduation ceremony June 25.

The class had two valedictorians, Maisie Druer and Halina Przybysz, who each drew laughs and cheers from the crowd.

Both graduates mentioned staff members who had impacted their lives while also sharing memorable stories and secrets and wise thoughts with the crowd.

“You still have to remember that you have time,” said Druer while finishing her speech. “It’s good to be organized but you also have to take some time to relax. In the future I hope that we all manage to find something we love to do,” she added.

“It’s sad to think that this could be one of our last hurrahs together, but I think we are all ready to grow up and start our future.”

Przybysz noted that the graduating class had two high schools to choose from, St Mary’s High School in Owen Sound and Saugeen District Secondary School (SDSS) in Port Elgin. The future St Mary’s student said she was excited to play — and subsequently beat — the future SDSS students when they met again during recreational sports but later lamented that she can’t wait to see her fellow grads again, if not at school then around town.

In closing, Przybysz remarked, “Our memories here will live on forever. St Joseph’s is a place where the teachers are more than teachers and the students are more than friends,” she said. “To my fellow graduates remember to always stay you, continue to do your best in everything that you do and keep inspiring me and many many others. Hopefully someone will ask you, ‘Where did you come from,’ and you will say St Joe’s with a smile on your face.”

Awards were as follows:
Rotary Club - Service Above Self - Grace McNab
Athlete of the Year - Camden Ritchie and Alyssa Moorehead
Inspiring Possibilities (Community Living) - Hayden Pilger
Citizenship Award - Lion’s Club - Aliesha Kosikar
Chamber of Commerce - Math/Science - Georgia Alpajaro
Caring Award - Optimist - Ireland Sawyer
Most Proficient - Knights of Columbus - Georgia Alpajaro
Christian Living - Catholic’s Women’s League - Halina Przybysz
Bruce Power Science and Technology - Georgia Alpajaro
Most Improved (Parent Council) - Skylar Mayer
Rena Kelley - Megan Shields
Catholic Graduate - Tori Verburg
Principal’s Award - Halina Przybysz
Valedictorian Awards - Maisie Druer and Halina Przybysz
Language Arts - Ireland Sawyer and Cassidy Belanger
French Immersion - Maisie Druer
Core French - Halina Przybysz
Math Award - Georgia Alpajaro
Science Award - Cassidy Belanger
History Award - Maisie Druer
Geography Award - Tori Verburg
Health and Phys Ed Award- Alyssa Moorehead
Music Award - Aliesha Kosikar
Visual Arts Award - Madison Corbett
Drama and Dance Award - Maisie Druer
Computers and Technology Award - Georgia Alpajaro
Attendance Award - Megan Shields

The Class of 2018 included: Georgia Alpajaro, Cassidy Belanger, James Bobbish, Madison Corbett, Maisie Druer, Christopher Heesakkers, Sebastian Jagelewski, Aliesha Kosikar, Waas Mason, Skylar Mayer, Grace McNab, Alyssa Moorehead, Rahim Nabbi, Hayden Pilger, Halina Przybysz, Camden Ritchie, Ireland Sawyer, Megan Shields, Cortni Valeriote and Tori Verburg.


Valedictorians Maisie Druer (left) and Halina Przybysz received the Valediction Award from Ashley Clark.


Camden Ritchie (left) and Alyssa Moorehead received the Athletic Award from Mr Moorehead.


The Citizenship Award was presented to Aliesha Kosikar from the Lion’s Club of Port Elgin.

inspiring doug

On the left, graduate Hayden Pilger received the Inspiring Possibilities Award from Community Living. On the right, Grace McNab with Rotarian Doug Freiburger as she received the Service Above Self Award.

terina skylar

On the left Georgia Alpajaro received the Chamber of Commerce - Math/Science Award from representative Terina Wnuk. On the right, Skylar Mayer received the Most Improved Award from the Parent Council.

megan georgia

On the left, with a smile on her face Megan Shields received the Rena Kelley Award that goes to a student with a positive attitude. On the right, Georgia Alpajaro received the Bruce Power Science and Technology Award from teacher Ashley Clark.

tori art

On the left, Tori Verburg was presented with the Catholic Graduate Award from Principal Keith Walsh. On the right, Madison Corbett received the Visual Art Award from Mme. Wright.


Ireland Sawyer (left) and Cassidy Belanger each received the Language Art Awards presented by teacher Mary Jane Hewitt.


St. Joseph’s Principal Keith Walsh presented Halina Przybysz with the Principal’s Award. Halinda also received the Christian Living Award from Mrs Przybysz of the Catholic Women’s League.


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