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Dan Russell

After eight years as Principal at GC Huston Public School, Dan Russell is heading to Alexandra Community School in Owen Sound.

Hub Staff

Dan Russell is leaving his post at GC Huston Public School in Southampton and heading to Alexandra Community School in Owen Sound.

Russell has made great strides during his tenure at the Southampton school, most recently seeing the result of his, his students’ and his staff’s hard work in the naming of the bridge that spans the Saugeen River between Southampton and Saugeen First Nation. A project that we first told you about in November 2016 embodied reconciliation.

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“I’ve been eight years at GC Huston and that’s a long time in a school community,” said Russell when we spoke with him May 16. “And I live in Owen Sound so I mean for me I’ve got just a few years left until retirement so having the opportunity to be very close to my house, and the school I’m going to is literally a stone’s throw from where I live, I think it’s a 5 minute and 30 second walk,” he added.

Russell said it’s healthy for a school community to see a change in administration and that typically five years is seen as optimal.

He said his replacement, who is coming from Normanby Community School in Ayton, has strong ties to the area. “Hugh Morrison who is the new principal coming to GC brings a wealth of experience,” said Russell. “Hugh has some deep connections to this area, he grew up in this area, he was actually a student at GC Huston, and he has strong ties to Saugeen Shores and Saugeen First Nation,” he added.

As Russell reflects on his achievements in the Southampton school, he gives much of the credit to his team. “I’m the front man, I get to smile and say ‘Go team,’ but really it’s the team that has made the accomplishments at GC Huston, the GC staff is second to none and they have worked as a team to build something very special here,” he said.

“We’ve seen the school grow from 135 children and we’re predicting 338 next year and we’ve also seen great school spirit grow, high expectations for discipline, high expectations for fun and learning,” said the principal. “We’re really proud of what’s happened,” he said.

Russell said he loves GC Huston and the community “but change is inevitable and there are aspects of change that are good,” he said.

“I’ll stay connected for sure. I’ll be watching with eagerness to see what’s going on at the Home of the Hawks,” said Russell. Because, of course, once a Hawk, always a Hawk.

Best of luck in your next chapter, Mr Russell. You will be missed.