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In 2015 the Town of Saugeen Shores signed an agreement with Service Line Warranties of Canada to provide an optional customer paid protection plan for water and sanitary lines connecting private houses to the municipal services. The care, maintenance and repair of this section of pipes is the responsibility of the homeowner and not the Town. Residents in Saugeen Shores have received letters describing this optional protection plan on letters bearing the Saugeen Shores logo.

The company uses local contractors to perform the work when a claim is submitted, though they are a Canadian subsidiary of an American company. A third party mailing company provided the mailing addresses and did the mailing. The Town does not administer any part of the program nor does the Town ever release personal information to third parties without consent.

The Town has received calls since the mail outs were received and would like to remind residents that this is a legitimate company with an agreement between themselves and Saugeen Shores Council. If anyone has questions about the program they should call 1-866-922-9004 or visit the website

Residents may have similar protection through their home insurance and can check with their provider to confirm. Residents can cancel or enroll at any time and for some or all of the programs offered.


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