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Saugeen Shores will show its pride for the LBGTQ2+ community by hoisting the rainbow flag at the Saugeen Shores Police Service building during the first week in June, 2018 to correspond with Pride month. The motion which was unanimously approved by councillors was brought forth by Deputy Mayor Luke Charbonneau and Councillor Cheryl Grace, with Charbonneau hoping that there would be a flag raising ceremony to go along with it.

Councillor Dave Myette wholeheartedly supported the idea but did admit that as a community it should have been done before. “It just goes to show how far we’ve come. It wasn't that many years ago when something like this would have been considered out of place in this council... and now it seems like we’re behind the times,” he said.

Charbonneau hoped that recognition of LGBTQ2+ people in the Saugeen Shores community will signal an inclusive community in every way.

“I think that there is, in some segments of society, an impression that rural communities or less urban communities are somehow less tolerant communities and I don’t think that’s true. I think this is a very tolerant community and I think we need to send that signal very clearly,” said the Deputy Mayor.

Council also took the opportunity to encourage individuals and community groups to join the Town of Saugeen Shores and show their pride during the first week of June.


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