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Elgin street house fireThe Elgin Street fire in Port Elgin was characterized by the Fire Chief as stubborn and intense.

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At around 11 a.m. on Saturday morning, February 10 the Saugeen Shores Fire Department were called to action with a house fire on Elgin Street in Port Elgin.

It was reported that one resident was at work and another resident and his dog were able to escape once the smoke detectors had alarmed. The origin of the fire was reported as likely a drier unit located to the rear of the rented property.

Saugeen Shores Fire Chief Phil Eagleson characterized the fire as “stubborn in an older home without fire barriers, intense and complete with a deflagration explosion,” explaining that fire, smoke and gases can concentrate and culminate causing such an explosion.

“We fought this fire for five hours with both of our fire halls, all of our equipment and 33 firefighters,” he said.

Mutual aid provided by Bruce Power kept the air bottles filled while firefighters continued in shifts rotating through the day. “We had two (firemen) who were medically treated for exhaustion on scene and one who was transported to Saugeen Memorial as a precaution and was later released,” said the Fire Chief.

Eventually and to be sure this fire was out the home was pulled apart by heavy equipment.

Fires don’t often have happy endings and neither did this one. “The occupants lost everything,” said Eagleson, with the exception of some pictures. “Within 20 minutes both Victim Services and the Red Cross Disaster Recovery program were notified and able to assist,” he added, also saying that he is aware of a Go Fund Me campaign that is being organized to help.

Eagleson’s team, although cold and wet, added their thanks for the coffee provided by Tim Hortons and the pizza from Pizza Delight.

Agressive fire starts at rear of the homeThe fire was aggressive and started at rear of the home.

deflagration exploding windowsWindows in the home exploded during the intense deflagration condition, resulting from fire, smoke and gases concentrating and culminating.

Saugeen Shores Fire Department throws everything they have to contain this fireSaugeen Shores Fire Department gave everything they had to contain this fire.

Bruce Power Mutual AidBruce Power thankfully leant some mutual aid.

Heavy equipment ensures no fire restartHeavy equipment was utilized to ensure that the fire was completely extinguished.

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