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Don Matheson 560Speaking at a meet and greet event at Lakeshore Recreation, January 26, Huron-Bruce Liberal candidate Don Matheson said he was humbled, honoured and excited to be the Liberal provincial candidate for Huron Bruce.

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Huron-Bruce Liberal candidate Don Matheson kicked off his provincial election campaign at a meet and greet event at Lakeshore Recreation in Port Elgin on January 26.

He was acclaimed as the Liberal candidate at a ceremony in Lucknow, January 6.

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Matheson addressed the approximately 50 people who had gathered and said he was not only "humbled and honoured" to be the Liberal provincial candidate in the riding of Huron Bruce for the run up to the provincial election June 7 but that he was also excited.

“When I first thought of putting my name forward to run in the provincial election I talked to my family and friends and the first thing they said was, ‘Why do you want to get involved in provincial politics, are you nuts, you don’t stand a chance.’ Not only do I believe but I know we have an excellent chance of winning this election,” said Matheson, adding that he has a “driving desire” to serve the public.

“It’s a big part of who I am. I feel an obligation to participate in the conversations and decision making processes that affect all of us and affect real change,” he said.

“I feel compelled to speak up for others who deserve to be heard but whose voices might otherwise be lost,” he added.

Matheson said he believes in working hard to get things done and that two themes that will play significant roles in his campaign are family and community.

“I believe that it is important for all levels of government, whether it be municipal, federal or provincial, to work for and with the families and businesses. When this happens governments can create conditions where families and businesses can succeed and prosper,” he said, adding “Governments can and must bring people together.”

Matheson has been a municipal councillor in Saugeen Shores for four years and is the General Manager for the Saugeen Shores Winterhawks. He is a teacher by trade, currently working at Saugeen District Secondary School.

“My job is to work with young people, to make them try and learn to become engaged, to believe in themselves,” he said.

Matheson added that he believes the Ontario Liberal party has the right plan to lead the province forward. “The Ontario we are building is one where no one is left behind, where we support families and build our communities to prepare them for the future,” he said, highlighting plans for increased daycare spaces, free post-secondary tuition, fair minimum wage and free prescription medication for anyone 24 and under. Matheson also made mention of a housing plan “that makes buying or renting a home more affordable” and ensuring that schools and hospitals stay where they are.

The next four and a half months will be busy, Matheson said, but “it takes a riding to win an election.”

“I will be out knocking on every door in the riding talking to as many people as I can. You'll see me everywhere. You'll see me in person. I'll be in the papers. I'll be on the radio, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram. I will work tirelessly on this campaign because I believe in this party and I believe in Huron Bruce. This is my home and I believe this riding needs effective representation.”

Campaign TeamHuron-Bruce Liberal candidate Don Matheson (centre) stands with members of his campaign team at his kick-off party held January 26 at Lakeshore Recreation, Port Elgin. From left, Riding Vice President Kent Boys, Riding President Ian Burbidge, Past President and Candidate Manager, Judy Gates and Campaign Manager John Gates.

John GatesCampaign Manager John Gates welcomed everyone in attendance at Don Matheson's campaign kick-off event January 26.

SpeechHuron-Bruce Liberal candidate Don Matheson spoke to attendees as he kicked off his provincial election campaign, January 26.

CrowdApproximately 50 people attended Lakeshore Recreation to listen to Huron-Bruce Liberal candidate Don Matheson.


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