Concession 6300 Concession 6. 

Hub Staff

Saugeen Shores could have its very own field of dreams off Concession 6 thanks to Harold Sutherland Construction (HSC) after Saugeen Shores Council supported in principle a by-law that would authorize the Town to purchase 150 acres of land known as the Lamont Pit for an outdoor sports complex, with additional land potential creating development opportunities for investors.

The purchase would cost $1.5 million with a closing date of March 15, 2018, pending Council's approval of the final by-law at an upcoming February council meeting. The gravel pit, currently operated by HSC, will be restored before the transfer of land and the construction company has donated $250,000 toward the project to alleviate the cost to Saugeen Shores ratepayers.

The site is irregular in shape with over 1,000 meters of frontage on Concession 6. East of Walmart, the site is level with Concession 6, dropping down at the west of the property near the west access point. The Saugeen Rail Trail runs along the west and north sides of the property, with an Environmental Protection area along the east side and Concession 6 along the south edge.

Councillor Don Matheson said that it is a speedy timeline as Town staff projected to have the sports complex complete by this time next year. “It’s enough land to meet the needs that we have,” said Matheson while adding that it’s a fantastic opportunity for Saugeen Shores. When asked what he hoped the outdoor sports complex would include, Matheson said his dream plans would include “six or seven ball diamonds, a couple of soccer pitches, walking tracks...some parkland.” The councillor added that it will “meet the needs of everybody” and “bring services that will help the residents along the concession road.”

Councillor Dave Myette wholeheartedly supported the purchase calling it a “rare opportunity” and commented on “the vision” of Harold Sutherland and his organization for making this available and “their generous donation and certainly their generous terms,” said Myette.

Vice Deputy Mayor Diane Huber hoped there could be a conversation about a concept idea for a natural area, one which she called a “signature park,” and hoped that something “magical” would happen, something “that could excite more than just the sports field people because I think there’s great potential to excite the whole community,” said Huber.

Deputy Mayor Luke Charbonneau was grateful for Harold Sutherland's donation of $250,000 towards the project. He then challenged staff members to return to Council with a plan to finance the project without debt financing. Charbonneau also reminded councillors and staff that this could be a great investment location for Major Component Replacement suppliers.

A staff report said that approximately 30,000 to 40,000 tonnes of Granular A material will be left on site for the Town’s use with an estimated value of $200,000. The actual amount of the tonnage is expected to be determined closer to the closing date.

The $1,500,000 breakdown is as follows:

Parkland Obligatory Reserve Fund $650,000; Development Charges $400,000; Donation $250,000; Debt Financing $200,000.