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snow plowIn a January 8 media release, the Town of Saugeen Shores is asking residents to be patient as the Public Works crews work through the snow removal process.

The Town is aware of the current road conditions and report that crews have been out since 3 a.m. January 8 clearing roads and continue to cycle through. "The plow did make it to your street this morning and they are working very hard at getting them cleared out,” read the release, adding that the increase in temperature has loosened the snow and is leading to current conditions.

The release went on to say that it is the priority of Public Works to get the roads clear while the material is loose enough to move. This is a snowy winter compared to recent years, with most days having significant snowfall through December and so far into January.

There are 18 crew members clearing 460 kilometres of roads as well as sidewalks and municipal parking lots.

“Please know that the plow drivers do not intentionally plow in driveways, and though we recognize the inconvenience of this, we do not clear the end of driveways. The priority is to make the roads passable for emergency vehicles and residents,” said the release.

“We ask residents to be patient with us as we work through this today and tomorrow, please refrain from calling the office at this time to report road conditions as our road patrols are out and are directing snow clearing crews.”

The release also reminded residents that efforts in clearing snow away from fire hydrants is appreciated and to please refrain from throwing snow into the street.


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