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Port Elgin Rotary 560Members of the Rotary Club of Port Elgin stand with a cheque for $1,000 which they donated to Hands Up Cameroon, which will go to help people in Cameroon, Africa.

Hub Staff

The Rotary Club of Port Elgin donated a $1,000 cheque November 28 for Hands Up Cameroon, a comprehensive integrated program which gives a hand up to the citizens of Cameroon, Africa by helping them to help themselves.

In a statement to Saugeen Shores Hub, Port Elgin Rotarian Dr Katherine Mullin said that the Hands Up Committee is involved with over 40 different Rotary Clubs and three Interact Clubs.

“Over the past 20 years, it has invested over $2 million in Cameroon, Africa. It has brought convenient, sustaining, potable water to over 100 communities in Cameroon,” said Mullin, adding that potable water continues to be a primary goal of Hands Up but that they are also involved in agriculture and economic development.


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