slow liftFor many area boaters, October 14 marked the end of the boating season as Canadian Crane Rentals helped lift sail boats, house boats, and a catamaran out of the water at the Port Elgin Harbour.

Hub Staff

Wet weather and gray skies signalled the end of the season for members of the Port Elgin Yacht Club as many boats were lifted out of the water and onto land October 14, making the Port Elgin Harbour look a little more sparse ahead of the winter season.

Assisting with the process was Canadian Crane Rentals of Wingham who arrived at the Port Elgin Harbour before 8 a.m., and lifted the boats out into early evening, a slower process than the Lift-In which occurred in May.

strap inThere were plenty of helping hands during the Port Elgin Yacht Club’s Lift-Out day October 14.

place downFollowing a proper set down, boaters proceeded to clean their boat and close them for the winter season.

helpersWith help from fellow boaters, the giant crane, and a few ropes this sail boat rested perfectly on its winter stand.

portia outSailboat Portia made its way out of the water October 14.