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Seabrook 560Harold Stanley Seabrook, Airforce, 1924 - 1944

The 39 commemorative banners that were unveiled during a September 19 ceremony at the Port Elgin Legion now line the streets of downtown Southampton and Port Elgin.

The banners depict Saugeen Shores and Saugeen First Nation veterans who lost their lives to war.

From an October 10 Southampton Legion media release, “It puts a young face and a name to people from our community who served and never came home,” said John Willetts, President of the Southampton Legion. "It also reminds us of the veterans who came home, their sacrifices and the debt we owe them; as well as the impact, and sacrifice of the families here at home,” he continued. “It’s a chance for people to reflect on Remembrance Day and what all these people did for our country. The number of young men and women from our small community who chose to serve in the military, merchant navy and in humanitarian relief like the red cross is outstanding. We must also mention those at home working tirelessly in factories, training facilities, and on the farms supporting the war effort.”

The Legion president gives special thanks to the organizing committee chair Bill Streeter of Municipal Heritage and Royal Canadian Legion branches 155 and 340 for working together to make bring this program to fruition, recognizing past residents who served and made the ultimate sacrifice.

Chuck Schmalz, Branch 155 Remembrance Chair, said the committee will continue to expand the program with additional banners. Photographs and sponsors for banners are still needed. Please contact Tracey Edwards at at 519-832-2008 extension 105.

Support the Poppy Campaign

From the last Friday in October to Remembrance Day, millions of Canadians wear a poppy as a pledge to never forget those who sacrificed for our freedom. “We invite everyone to show their recognition and to honour those who have dedicated their lives to serve our nation by proudly wearing this symbol of remembrance and joining us at the cenotaph November 11,” said Willetts.

Contributions received from the Poppy Campaign directly support veterans and their families, and help to ensure Canada never forgets.

The Poppy Campaign Chairman Stu Shular organizes and runs Southampton Legion Branch 155 campaign. Anyone wishing to help is asked to contact the Southampton Legion Branch 155 or contribute by way of purchasing a wreath for the cenotaph.

Black 560Ralph George Black, Army, 1920 - 1944

John 560Maurice John, Army, 1921 - 1944

SturgeonJohn Reginald Sturgeon, Army, 1912 - 1944

Knechtel 560Arthur Knechtel, 1889 - 1917

Manduwoub 560Mathew Solomon Manduwoub, Army, 1896 - 1941

Tranter 560William Victor Tranter, 1894 - 1915

McGillivrayDonald Duncan McGillivray, 1890 - 1918

McLean 560John Kenneth McLean, Airforce, 1914 - 1945


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