bgoss fullStephen Cumming of Paisley proudly displays two of the birding boxes he donated to Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores. The Great Crested Flycatcher box and Screech Owl box will soon find a home at Perkins Park and the Captain Spence path in Southampton.

Not only will the Monarch butterflies and other pollinating insects enjoy the Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores (BGOSS) pods this spring, but so too will the birds, thanks to Stephen Cumming of Paisley.

Cumming donated eight bird boxes that he designed, created, and delivered specifically for the BGOSS. “I want to do my part and help out with the Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores,” said Cumming.

He, along with his wife Carrie, his brother and and sister-in-law assisted in the initial planting of the pods along Captain Spence Path last year. The bird boxes, designed for Screech Owls, Black-capped Chickadees, Great Crested Flycatchers, House Wrens and Downy Woodpeckers will find new homes in Perkins Park and along the Captain Spence path in Southampton.

For more information or for volunteering opportunities with BGOSS, visit or email them at

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