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Provincial Director, Ontario Federation of Agriculture
Past President, Bruce County Federation of Agriculture
Member of the Saugeen Shores DGR Community Liaison Committee
Regular contributor to Saugeen Shores Economic Development planning

Thank you to those who have nominated and encouraged me to seek election to represent our great community. Saugeen Shores is an exciting place to be. I have always been grateful to live, work and raise a family on our farm in Saugeen Shores.

I am a community minded candidate with more than 15 years of experience in local and provincial governance. My skills have proven to be highly effective in promoting and advocating for many non-profit and community groups across Ontario and, most importantly, here at home in Bruce County and Saugeen Shores.

Saugeen Shores is a growing community that has been built upon a strong work ethic and disciplined planning. As a councillor, I will work hard for this community to maintain three strong principles that carry a vision for the future: community growth, community wellbeing and fiscal responsibility.

Community Growth

I believe that a sustainable and prosperous community must be a place where we can all work and live. With growth, come challenges, and if there are underutilized skills in our community I will work hard to bring opportunities to Saugeen Shores for everyone to excel and succeed.

Saugeen Shores deserves to be a community for all. I will work hard for a growth plan that works for everyone, including students, seniors, and families, that make this community great. I also believe that proper community engagement must be the cornerstone of a robust and sustainable future for all.

Education is a vital link to growth and prosperity and I look forward to maintaining and enhancing educational partnerships for the benefit of our community. We must find a way to work with our learning facilities as we have in the past. I believe there is a glaring need to enhance learning opportunities in the local trades sector and encourage students to pursue this career path. Our community needs trade workers, and there are plenty of opportunities to promote these skills and job opportunities through our local high school. Partnering with local school boards to promote skilled trades as a viable education and career option will give students an opportunity to learn about the opportunities to learn, work and live here in Saugeen Shores.

Community Wellbeing

A sustainable future for our community includes a proper, year-round facility for people to nurture and maintain their physical and mental health. Saugeen Shores needs a facility that is accessible, affordable and available to everyone. Physical and mental wellness should be a priority for every growing community, and I believe our community has an obligation to provide this opportunity to everyone. Together, we can build a recreation facility by partnering with groups that have expertise and proven experience in recreation and community engagement. A pool, modest fitness facility, indoor track, community rooms for learning opportunities are just a few of the facilities that will benefit our community of Saugeen Shores. Healthy citizens make a healthy community. Everyone deserves an opportunity to maintain there own health and well-being at an affordable facility, right here in Saugeen Shores.

Fiscal Responsibility

Our community deserves a council that is efficient and effective with taxpayer dollars. There’s always room for improvement, and I will ensure that Saugeen Shores will carefully review all fiscal partnerships in the region. I have a lot of ideas to grow and improve our community, and if implemented, they will all be completed with fiscal responsibility. My upmost role as a councillor will be a fiduciary responsibility to our community.

Community growth, well-being and fiscal responsibility to taxpayers, are attainable goals through community engagement and sustainable partnerships. I look forward to meeting these goals as a municipal councillor. Please vote for me, Patrick Jilesen, as your Saugeen Ward councillor in our municipality of Saugeen Shores.

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